BCZERO can be purchased off-market through the following payment methods

BCZERO is fully compatible with Trust Wallet for iPhone or Android. It will show up automatically once the user receives them. You need to unlock your Trust Wallet to buy and sell BCZERO through Trust Wallet App via DApps tab by clicking on the DDEX exchange app. You can then buy or sell out of your Trust Wallet.

BCZERO is fully compatible with MyETHERWALLET. It has to be added manually.

To purchase ETHER by credit/debit card payments.

BCZERO is fully compatible with Metamask Wallet (Chrome and Firefox addon).

Buy BCZERO with live trading Prices from DDEX

BCZERO can be purchased securely from DDEX which is a decentralized exchange. Unlock your Metamask account or your Ledger Nano S either direct or by accessing it through MyEtherWallet. All BCZERO Tokens are kept in your wallet, and not externally.


The ETHERSCAN address is for the BCZERO token contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it.

  • Token:
  • Token Name:
  • Token issued:
  • Token shortcut:
  • Project protocol:
  • Utility Token
  • Buggyra Coin Zero
  • 10,000,000,000
  • ERC20

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