A: It is an ERC-20 utility token based on Ethereum blockchain architecture, presently the second largest Crypto network.

A: BCZERO is listed and traded on the following decentralized exchanges;
The liquidity of BCZERO depends on the daily market conditions.

A: BCZERO is not directly exchangeable to any listed FIAT currency. BCZERO can be exchanged to USD and EUR within the exchanges and exchanged via ETH, BTC, RIPPLE and other major cryptocurrencies.

A: By actively following all official publishing channels and social media account of the Buggyra brand as well as BUGGYRA Coin Zero. Buggyra Racing Team will sponsor free distribution of BUGGYRA Coin Zero’s. Internal rules of campaign will apply.

A: BCZERO treasury department will hold on your behalf the BCZERO asset until further instructions from you.

A: Subscribe and purchase via official distribution channels published by the BUGGYRA COIN ZERO. All details will be published on all media channels and Buggyra Coin Zero web platform

A: Yes, BCZERO with be accepted as a payment method on Buggyra e-shop shortly. The list of vendors accepting BCZERO will be updated on the homepage of BCZERO

A: The list of the benefits will be published on the BCZERO homepage. For example, priority allocation of BC and BCP once launched, a priority invitation to official Buggyra events, discounted prices on the official Buggyra merchandise to name a few.

A: There is absolutely no risk associated to the BCZERO’s potential. BCZERO is NOT burdened by any financial liability by its holders.

A: The systemic liquidity value could vary from zero in a hypothetical rate to hundreds or even ten thousand USD per one BCZ. The liquidity and value will always depend on the actual developments of the global crypto market (the future growth of the global crypto market is expected to be in a very large scale. In the case of Ripple, there was growth up to 36.000%, Bitcoin up to 20,000%). BCZ is not based on the direct exchange rate with any FIAT currency.

A: It can be held in any wallet that supports ERC20 tokens. Stable and secure wallets which are recommended are; Trust wallet and Metamask. Mobile versions are available on Android Market place and IOS play store.