Participate in one of the world’s most thrilling and extreme racing sport with the first crypto coin of the motor sport industry

BCZERO (Buggyra coin zero) built on Ethereum blockchain is a platform for the future for all kind of payments for the Truck Racing Community worldwide.
BCZERO will be a form of payment for several types of payments from Racing Series to Racing Events and for Sponsorships, Merchandising and Racing Fans in China, India, Europe, Asia and South America

Buggyra Racing is one of the major attractions all over the world might it be “Dakar” Race in South America, Racing leagues in Europe with places like Les Mans or Nürburgring with 100.000 spectators on a thrilling weekend, might it be long range Off-road challenges like Silk Way from Moscow to China or racing leagues in China and India.

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Dakar Rally (Off-road)

Dakar is the biggest Rally and the 2nd largest motorsport event in the world. Dakar is racing for 40 years and Buggyra is proud for its involvement in the Dakar races since years.

Key facts of the Dakar Off-road Race:

  • 1,200 Broadcast hours
  • 24,200 Dakar racing videos viewed
  • 4,000,000 spectators at the race
  • 2,340,000 total fan community
  • 337 Racing Entrants
  • 14 Stages in 3 host countries
  • almost 9,000 km of racing

Circuit Racing

FIA ETRC – European Truck Racing Championship

The truck industry is the backbone of many European economies and delivers (literally) a massive amount of commerce around the EU and beyond. Of course, they are also an essential part of motorsport; delivering race cars and equipment to circuits globally.

The competitive instincts of the teams competing in the FIA European Truck Racing Championship (ETRC) mirror those of the industry where competition also thrives.

There is nowhere like at ETRC event for companies and individuals in the truck and related industries to interact and showcase their products not only to each other but to thousands of truck enthusiasts that flock to ETRC events.

Key facts of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship:

  • 98,000,000 TV audience
  • 592 Broadcast hours
  • 422,000 onsite audience
  • 000 Facebook friends
  • 152 Territories
  • 39 Racing Entrants
  • 9 Races in 9 countries

Silk Way Rally (Off-road)

Xi’an, China to Moscow, Russia

Silk way Rally has garnered the highest level of support from the host counties, thus becoming the widely-acknowledged sporting event.

It has the growing interest of world media and companies interested to promote their brands in the Eurasian key markets.

The established cooperation with almost 60 largest international media holdings ensured the full coverage of race during two rally weeks in 196 countries with a total audience of almost 2.5 billion people.

Euro news, Motorsport TV, Red Bull Media, Sony Entertainment, Ten Sports India, Velocity USA, UAE Dubai Sports, Fox, including Fox Sports Latin America, Fox Sports Europe, Fox Sports Asia and Fox Sports Australia as well as many other news and sports channels also borrowed spectacular rally images.

Russian audience enjoyed the race broadcasts on popular channels, such as Match TV, Russia 24, NTV, Russia Today and Avto 24, and its number totaled in over 85 million people. In China Silk Way Rally was covered by leading TV media, including Hunan TV, CCTV and TDM (Macau). 24’-long highlights were also aired daily during two weeks of the competition.

China Truck Racing Championship

The Chinese Truck Racing Championship was launched in 2017 and produced significant commerce in China.

Truck racing has become an essential part of motor sports and will drive buggyra racing to be a leading industry in southeast Asia and china

India Truck Racing Championship

The Indian Truck Racing Championship was launched in 2017. It will revive motorsports and will drive Buggyra Racing and its technology partner “Tatra” to be a leading competitor in India thus resulting a huge commerce.

Worldwide Thrilling Marketing Show

Team BUGGYRA is one of the most successful teams among the European Truck Racing. Supported with its Technology Center in Czech Republic, Dubai and Singapore, it ranks among the World ‘s leading developers of special progressive technologies.

With 9 European titles and 5 World Speed records BUGGYRA is aiming for the new challenge in famous rally DAKAR.


Buggyra racing gives our sponsorship partners, our fans, and race spectators a stage for products and brands.

We offer hospitality services for several thousands of fans and supporters during selective races and events.

Fans & Supporters

Buggyra racing team and it’s drivers has more than 135,000 fans that follow us on various social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. and total organic reach of all posts on social networks is 23,700,000

During the European truck racing, China truck racing, silkway rally, and rally Dakar, the total organic outreach on all social networks was 23.7 million followers.

Over 5 million spectators attended our races in Europe, south America , China , India, and the UAE.

350 hours of yearly TV coverage and 2100 articles published over the internet, in magazines and newspapers reaches out worldwide.


Christian Blersch

Christian has pioneered in embedded and loT solutions for mobile and industrial applications for more than 30 years. Various patents complement his knowledge in the field of Information Technology.

Bodo Laux

Senior manager, professional expertise and experience spanning 35 years in Management, Marketing, private equity and investment services. Held a lead role in asset management, mutual fund management, US Life Settlement business.

Aleksandar Tatalovic

He works in the field of neuromarketing and vanguard technologies, AI, VR, AR and blockchain to initiate and facilitate rapid growth.

Guy Saxton

Guy has held a senior post at AXA, was a Director of Fidelity and former CEO of Angel Bourse. He has been s Director of numerous listed companies in New York, London


Jan Kalivoda

Jan joined the Buggyra team in 2003. Soon he became the team manager and led the team of Roudnice nad Labem won five individual championship titles in the European Cup and became the only team to triumph three times in a row in the Constructor’s Cup (2007-2009).

David Vrsecky

David is the most successful truck racer in the history of Czech Republic with a double European champion in 2008 and 2009, five times winner of the Constructor’s Cup (2007 – 2009, 2015, 2017). He is the holder of five world speed records in trucks and Champion of the China Truck Racing Series in 2016 and 2017.

Robin Dolejs

Has worked in the Buggyra Technology Centre in development of circuit racing specials and Gyrtech engines. Robin is currently the chief technical director of Buggyra Racing team of circuit and rally racing specials. He is considered as the heart and soul of Buggyra Racing on-Road and Off-Road coupled with his contribution to the success of the brand.

Adam Lacko

Adam`s engagement in motorsport began in 1994 when he first grasped the steering wheel of a go-cart. He has a wealth of experience in GT and Touring Car