For 50 years of successful racing, Buggyra is renowned for driving the worldwide Truck racing community to new horizons.
It is the first and only private team in the world of Super Race Truck Category based on its own developed unique technology of BUGGYRA racing special engine and the complete truck.
Teamed with the own Technology Center in Czech Republic, it ranks progressively among the World’s leading developers of special technologies.

  • 10x European Super Race Team & Driver Champion
  • 6x in RACE category of individuals
  • 4x in RACE category of teams
  • 1x Team & Driver Champion in China
  • New China Truck Racing Series 2017
  • 1x Team & Driver Champion in India
  • New India Truck Racing Series 2017
  • 5 x World Speed Record Holder
  • 1km (flying start) 281,723 km/h – Dubai 2004 (UAE)
  • 1km (standing start) 171,878 km/h – P. Týnec 2008 (CZECH)
  • 100 km (standing start) 185,316 km/h*– Dekra Test Oval 2013 (GER)
  • 100 Miles (standing start) 186,755 km/h*– Dekra Test Oval 2013 (GER)
  • 1h (standing start) 187,518 km/h*– Dekra Test Oval 2013 (GER)